ReadyProSupply are delighted to partner with the charity Dig Deep.

Dig Deep work in Kenya, in an area where 8 out of 10 people lack access to clean water and sanitation. Their mission is to change this by helping schools and communities to build taps and toilets; to ensure that water and sanitation services are maintained for the long term; and to provide vital hygiene training to the next generation.

Please take the opportunity to donate a small amount of $2 (or equivalent) at checkout. This is enough to provide one child with life changing hygiene training over the next 5 years, improving both their health and education.

The same amount will also be matched and paid by ReadyProSupply.

Dig Deep put every project they do on Google Maps so that you can see exactly where your charitable funds are being spent. ReadyProSupply will post regularly via our Social Media their results.

Dig Deep is registered charity number 1148745 in England and Wales.