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The New Normal Isn’t Remote Work. It’s Better.

The New Normal Isn’t Remote Work. It’s Better.

Desperate for stability, our society keeps talking about “the new normal” — how our personal and professional lives will be permanently altered by the coronavirus pandemic — and understandably, work-from-home policies are a cornerstone of that conversation. Remote work was a critical enabler of business and economic continuity during the original shelter-in-place regulations, and may continue to be for future emergencies, especially now that it’s been proven to be possible. So, now our news feeds are inundated with reports and projections about where knowledge workers that were able to work remotely during lock-downs will be commuting to in the future — the cubicle or the kitchen table. 

The New Normal Isn’t Remote Work. It’s Better.

It now looks like many workers will continue to have the option to work from home permanently. Even amidst a global crisis, employees are reporting greater productivity and higher job satisfaction, which is translating into enormous profitability for their employers. By permitting offsite work, the businesses then get to access even more overhead savings, like lower real estate, equipment, and supply expenses.

The New Normal Isn’t Remote Work. It’s Better.

We don’t need to be anywhere specific to fulfil our scope of work. Some days we might choose to go to the office, others we might go to a coworking space, library, or just our living room. The point is that no matter where we are, we’re trusted and enabled to do our best work. Period. For knowledge workers whose roles rely on mobile tools (such as computers, software, and internet connections), location should be a daily choice, not a lifestyle commitment.

What have we learned from the abrupt transition to virtual collaboration is that we want to adopt in the future, regardless of our workplace choice? therefore may define the “new normal” of location-independent business operations. 

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Remote Working as The Workplace of The Future

Remote Working as The Workplace of The Future

Work from home trends have ebbed and flowed over the past years, while overall marching towards a more mainstream embrace. But with people under lock-down around the world, the number of workers having to telecommute suddenly skyrocketed.

Remote Working Is the Next Normal

That shift shows no signs of reversing in the long term. In fact, a new survey found that 74% of CFOs have already reported they intend to make the shift to remote work for some employees a permanent one. That’s because from increased productivity and higher employee retention to reducing environmental impact, the benefits of this way of working are clear. And now, this crash course on remote working has helped companies deploy technologies, develop policies, learn best practices, and break down taboos to lay the foundation for long term change. 

Remote Working as The Workplace of The Future

The Technologies Enabling This Trend

The technologies that can help alleviate this friction and allow employers to become confident in remote workers are legion. Collaborative tech like Slack, Zoom, and Google Suites had already gained adherents before the pandemic for their ability to facilitate virtual connections. Now, they are everyday tools for the world’s remote workforce. 

Alongside the growth of AI and machine learning capabilities in support of IT service and database management, we’ll also see the growth of remote monitoring platforms and predictive maintenance tools.

Business and Talent Shifts

As remote work cements its role in the workplace of both today and tomorrow, it will require changes beyond just new technologies. The pandemic has helped everyone to understand that relationships are the key to the enterprise and its productivity, not a centuries old reliance on a central, common physical space. 

Hiring teams will expand their emphasis on talent over location in order to deliver more flexible models that can best accomplish critical initiatives. 

Remote Working as The Workplace of The Future

To Summarise

What is undeniable for both the workplace and the schoolroom is that just as the disease has changed our thoughts on society, the role of government, and even financial safety nets – it has also changed our view of technology. Trends that were growing pre-virus have accelerated and likely become part of the new normal.

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Home workout tips to improve your daily exercise

Home workout tips to improve your daily exercise

Home workouts are one of the only saviours we've got at the moment. Due to lock-down we're unable to leave the house, so it's become all too easy to pass hours sitting, sedentary, in one place. But structuring your routine to include one exercise session per day breaks the monotony, gets you moving, and is also beneficial for your mental health.

Home workout tips to improve your daily exercise


Make a plan and stick to it

Your usual routine has probably gone out the window as a result of lock-down; most people aren't working in their offices (or working at all), for those not working on the front-line, have become a blur of Netflix/ stare out the window / eat / repeat. But that doesn't mean you can't make a new routine, based around the limited confinements of your home. Once you've planned your schedule, make sure you mark it out on your calendar,

Dedicate a 'workout spot' in your home

We don't all live in houses that have enough space for a fully-equipped home gym, but that doesn't mean you can't allocate a small space as your workout area - even if it's temporary and you 'dismantle' it after every session.

There's no need to equipment

Get get creative with what you've got, there are so many household items that are easy substitutes such as full water bottles or canned food as a replacement for dumbbells, or using a chair as a replacement for a bench or box.

Find a workout buddy to hold you accountable

If you're planning exercise in but just aren't sticking to it, enlist the help of a friend - either someone within your household or outside it. "Whilst staying at home, finding a virtual workout buddy is a fun way to stay motivated, accountable and socially connected,"

Eliminate distractions to get in the zone

Removing all distractions before you start your workout so you can focus 100% on your exercise routine. Turn off the TV, put your phone on silent, turn off phone notifications and put on your favourite music playlist to really get you in the zone."

Home workout tips to improve your daily exercise

Don't forget to stretch

Warming up before a workout and stretching afterwards is probably a regular part of your gym routine. So why should it be any different at home? Stretching is so important for your muscles, dedicate 10 minutes before and after your workouts to stretching out your muscles to keep them strong and flexible.

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Do it Yourself Home Fitness for FUN

Do it Yourself Home Fitness for FUN

To workout, or not to workout? That is the question. In these strange times where our old routines feel like a distant memory, and with the majority of us now working from home, finding the motivation to workout when Netflix is just a click away isn’t easy. Turn your house into a mini gym


Don’t worry we’ve already trademarked it. Dance like nobody’s watching, until you realize you’re bouncing around on Zoom and everyone’s watching.

Cardio champion

If cardio is key, then we've got the secrets. For the ultimate cardio workout at home, why not take it back to basics with a skipping rope. Failing that, jumping jacks, burpees and high knees are a go-to for an epic workout. And the best part? No equipment or overpriced gym membership necessary.

Do it Yourself Home Fitness for FUN

Kettle & Netflix crunch

On your marks, get, set, crunch. When you're watching Netflix, before the credits are finished, we challenge you to do 10 crunches. Failing that, see how many squats you can squeeze in during that painful wait for the kettle to boil.

One HIIT wonder

HIIT stands for high intensity interval training which means you do short, sharp bursts of activity followed by periods of rest. Sounds hardcore? It is, but it’s so effective. Plus a HIIT workout is proven to keep your metabolism ramped up hours and hours after your session.

Tin-can hoopla

Line up ten tins (pretty sure you’ve got enough in the cupboard). Score them from one to ten and go hoopla! Count up your scores. The winner gets… a tin of peaches.

Do it Yourself Home Fitness for FUN

Full body workout

Wouldn't it be great if there were full body workout videos available for free for all abilities and ages? Then try YouTube. With no equipment required, challenge yourself to complete one of the many full body workouts available. Fancy pushing yourself? Try a video targeting specific areas to spice things up a bit.

Ab workout

It's no secret that a strong core has been linked to injury prevention and better balance (yoga, here you come). If you're seeking to strengthen your core, a targeted ab workout is key.

Bannister ballet

Don your leotard and leg warmers, use your bannister as a ballet bar and imagine the teacher in Fame is shouting orders at you.

Do it Yourself Home Fitness for FUN

Loo roll yoga

Sit cross legged in the lotus position and balance two loo rolls on either hand as you repeat the mantra: I will not stockpile loo roll.

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Now is the perfect time to buy a new fitness tracker – here’s why

Now is the perfect time to buy a new fitness tracker – here’s why

While you’re on lock-down you might find your health and fitness suffers, with limited access to the outdoors and a cupboard full of snacks taking its toll on the waistline. There’s a solution though, in the form of fitness trackers.

Fitness trackers or health-focused smartwatches can help you track your exercise and overall activity levels, both when you’re outdoors and stuck inside, and keep you thinking about your fitness without breaking the bank.

They let you maximize workout time

Most fitness trackers have different modes for running, walking, cycling, and usually plenty of others too, so no matter what outdoor activity you’re doing, fitness trackers could be really useful to keep on top of your fitness.

Now is the perfect time to buy a new fitness tracker – here’s why

They can help you improve fitness

Exercise bands and fitness-centric smartwatches don’t just track your workouts, but can provide feedback, activity logs and advice to help you actively improve the way you get fit, and that’s going to be doubly useful if you’re working your way up from locked-down couch potato.

They can provide some needed company

Exercising alone can be a challenge if you're used to working out with a club, but check out smartwatches with Bluetooth accessories. While you'll use your phone for communication and connectivity more than an fitness tracker, some bands and watches can give you a sense of exercising together with community features.

For example, Fitbit devices are well known for their accompanying app, which lets you see the weekly or daily steps, and other stats, from your friends and family, letting you compete in some friendly rivalry to see who can walk or run further.

Now is the perfect time to buy a new fitness tracker – here’s why

You can use fitness trackers indoors too

Your fitness tracker isn’t just going to assist you when you’re out and about exercising, but they can also be a huge help when you’re indoors.

As well as all the features they have like telling the time, passing on notifications and counting all those steps between your bedroom, the kitchen and the bathroom, many have indoor exercise modes.

Fitness trackers don’t break the bank

One of the best perks of a fitness tracker (as opposed to a smartwatch with exercise monitoring functions) is that most of them are pretty affordable – in fact, the majority only cost double-digit sums.

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